Kaya was found on the idea of creating modern yet pleasing pieces of jewellery that are affordable, accessible and forever wearable. We are here for women who love to play with trends and refuse to settle for anything less than statement pieces, to complete their look. Aesthetic pieces of jewellery in precious stones like diamond, ruby and emerald along with semi-precious stones like coral, pearl and topaz are our fortes.
Our offers are exclusively for women who are tired of choosing between the limited collection and the inferior quality of everyday jewellery they can find in the market.


How We Design

We design high-quality pieces of jewellery that are not just adornments but modern style statements. The jewellery we design are of the highest quality standards and go through multiple quality checks. The creative process of designing a piece of jewellery involves the following procedures

  • Sketching-The process of creating jewellery begins with an idea or insight.
  • Moulding-This is where the ideas take a shape.
  • Casting- An inverse mould is created on which the final design is made.

Settling-The stones are handpicked and added to the ornament.

What Client Say ?

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